Social Media: Changing the Sports World Forever

Technology has completely changed the landscape of the sports world. No longer do we just dream of what our athletes are doing before and after their games. Instead, we just tune into ESPN or follow our favorite athletes on social media. From professionals all the way down to high school athletes, fans and journalists can get an inside look at the way athletes live when they are not playing through social media.

Athletes can even interact with fans in ways like never before with services like snapchat and live streaming video on Facebook. This provides an interesting dynamic when you are involving people that are under a microscope like professional athletes are.

This blog will mainly focus on how social media impacts the world of sports. That can mean athletes, fans, pundits, trolls…you name it. For better or for worse, social media has been embedded into the fabric of our favorite sports.

With this blog, I hope to keep myself (as well as all of you reading) informed with the newest trends in social media and analyze how they impact the sports world. I will share the facts, but also my opinions on whether certain aspects of social media are positive for a sport. Social media affects the consumer (the fan), the pro athletes, and the media so drastically that it is important to take a step back and think about how we are changing as a society.


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