How these 4 Companies are Winning Social Media

Twitter is no longer a place for the individual to express his or her thoughts in a public forum. Brands, as well as popular figures now all, have Twitter accounts to increase their brand exposure. Most companies will create a simple account on Twitter to be able to field complaints and give general information. Recently, though, certain brands are more adventurous about what they are willing to post and how they interact with their customers online. Humor, interaction, and customer giveaways are just a few of the ways corporate brands are expanding via social media. In this post, I will go over some of the companies that are winning social media in new and exciting ways.


Denny’s has been at the forefront of some of the most creative and humorous tweets sent out by corporate brands. This week the breakfast restaurant chain posted out one of their most successful tweets to date. The tweet showed some of their famous pancakes while also adding a bit of dark humor.

Denny’s generates all their social media through their social media team, who collaborates with the Erwin Penland agency based out of South Carolina. The tweets created by the collaboration of minds are usually polarizing, something the team is looking for when brainstorming. The more polarizing a tweet — without being disrespectful of course –, the more attention it will grab with the national media.

“If you look at the content across all of our social media platforms, you’ll see that the strategy is to serve as an online extension of what you would expect to experience in our restaurants: a welcoming, comfortable place where family, friends and complete strangers can all come together and have fun conversations,” Denny’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) John Dillon told Adweek. “Our social media channels really are an online extension of the Denny’s booth.”

Denny’s has been so successful because they use a group of minds who are creative and up-to-date on social media trends.

DiGiorno Pizza

Pizza is the go-to delivery option for most Americans, so DiGiorno decided to energize their social media channels to take advantage of this trend. DiGiorno is a frozen pizza company who has to compete with the delivery pizza chains of the world so upping their Twitter page was an excellent way to stay competitive. Most tweets were humorous and for the pizza-lover in all of us, but others subtly convinced consumers their cheaper frozen option tastes just as good as the pricey delivery services.


Most Americans would not expect a toilet paper brand even to have a Twitter account, let alone use it for engagement and humor. But that is what Charmin does on a daily basis with eye-opening results. In 2014, TIME Magazine named Charmin the “sassiest brand on Twitter” for their lighthearted antics.

Engagement is another way Charmin is miles ahead of their customers. They encourage consumers to interact with the brand as well as each other using clever hashtags, including #TweetFromTheSeat and #DontWorryBoutAThingCuz.


Airlines in the United States undergo a lot of scrutinies so setting up a social media account for one seems like a method to ask for thousands of complaints a day by angry travelers. JetBlue takes their customer service very seriously and has an entire Twitter team dedicated to answered each and every tweet sent their way. Not only do they read and respond to their customers, but they do everything in their power to help. That is much more than can be said about more major airline companies.

“We’re all about people, and being on social media is just a natural extension of that,” JetBlue Manager of Customer Commitment Laurie Meacham said. “It’s no different than any other part of the airline.” Customer service like JetBlue can be the difference between a loyal customer and a one-time client.


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