3 Reasons I Signed Up for Degreed

Recently I discovered an amazing new online product called Degreed that can help measure my learning and development in all areas of my life. I conducted a short interview with Degreed executive Kelly Palmer, who helped illustrate exactly how Degreed could help a young learner like myself. Like most consumers, I had never heard of Degreed but I was interesting in learning more. Here are three reasons I decided to join this online learning revolution.

1. A personalized learning profile

Building a Degreed profile is as easy as connecting your Facebook profile to the site or entering an email and password combination. Once the registration was complete, I plugged in my learning interests such as marketing, product development, journalism, and more.

Once I signed up, I was instantly able to connect all of my personalized learning. All of my audiobooks, books, events, blogs, and articles were instantly connected and shared with anyone on the Degreed network.

Take a look at my Degreed profile!

 Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 8.03.21 PM.png

2. Skills and development tracking

Not only can Degreed record courses that I have already enrolled in, but it can also track how my learning skills develop as I learn on the site. For example, I was able to record a lynda.com course I had taken last year on Squarespace website design. After picking up new skills on lynda.com and the Squarespace website, I was able to add those skills to my Degreed profile.  Being able to see my progress in learning has made the whole experience more entertaining and fun than sitting through a lecture or staring at a textbook.

After a couple of days, I didn’t even realize all of the learning I was actually accomplishing. It is a good thing my profile for Degreed can keep track of all the learning I finish. Below is an example of one way Degreed tracks my different courses and learning methods.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 8.02.02 PM

“Degreed can help you build the skills you need whether you are just graduating from college and trying to get your first job, trying to get better at the job you already have, or getting skills for the career of your dreams,” said Ms. Palmer on the Degreed platform. Degreed has been an excellent site with helping me make learning a daily habit. It sort of makes learning like checking the news or your fantasy football team!

Another great feature of the site is the Degreed button app that can be attached to any web browser on my computer. I learned how the button can transfer blogs and other content from sites outside of Degreed. This allowed me to stick to my degreed profile instead of switching from site to site trying to figure out what I had learned previously.

3. Graduation isn’t the end of learning

Now part of the Degreed network, I am a learner for life! I may be a senior at the University of Oregon, but with Degreed I will be able to track my progress from college and continue it into the professional world. My personalized learning profile is now able to be viewed by anyone online, both casual and professional. Future employers will want to see what skills you have acquired over the years, and Degreed is the perfect way to display that!


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